Every 32 seconds, someone attempts suicide.

Every 13 minutes, someone dies from suicide.

Let's get to ZERO SUICIDE!

Suicide is preventable with your help.

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Woodstock (Alabama) Music Festival

October 12, 2019 - Come listen to music, eat food, and learn more about suicide prevention at the ASPARC booth! For more information, click here!

Birmingham Out of the Darkness Walk 2019

November 3, 2019 - Join us in raising awareness and funding for suicide prevention! Register for the walk here!

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In 2014, we formed our first ASPARC website and also a Comprehensive Resource Directory.  Since 2017, we have been combining the two.  It has steadily grown and now we're getting professional consultation to help mature our site to the next and newest iteration.  The board has engaged the services of a professional web designer.  It's going to be great...watch for our new look soon.  There will be a seamless transition and the actual web site will remain the same... www.asparc.org. 

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Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Resource Directory!

ASPARC has compiled a directory of resources we believe is helpful to mental health professionals, educators, families, and individuals. These resources may be used to help mental health professionals, family members who are worried about someone, and those who might be struggling with suicidal thoughts.  We are continually adding to the directory and to our website. You can now find lots of materials by clicking on the "Resource Directory" page!  We continue to add resources, so let us know if you are familiar with a suicide-prevention-specific resource that we should know about.  info@asparc.org  Click on Resource Directory above on your right. 

                           Self-Defense Against Suicide

ASPARC is supporting a proposal by Professor Fredrick Vars of the University of Alabama School of Law.  It would allow people who fear suicide to voluntarily and confidentially put their own names into the background check system to prevent impulsive gun purchase during a suicidal crisis.  A person at sign-up would select one of two ways to later have their name removed: either a simple request and 7-day delay, or removal only after a judicial hearing.


The proposal would substantially reduce suicide at relatively low cost and without infringing anyone's right to bear arms.  90% of suicides involve mental illness.  In a survey, a large percentage of psychiatric patients said they would sign up.  Other research shows that waiting periods reduce suicide, which is not surprising given that many suicides are impulsive.  The proposal each year could save hundreds of lives nationally.


Click here to learn more and to sign a change.org petition: www.stopgunsuicide.com


Help people at risk for suicide protect themselves.


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If you need help or are having thoughts of suicide, please get help immediately by contacting:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1.800.273.8255