What We Do

Suicide is preventable with your help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with communities and organizations to reduce suicide and take action to raise public awareness of suicide as a serious health and welfare concern in Alabama.

Our Objectives

ASPARC shall work toward accomplishing the following objectives:


  1. Reduce the suicide rate in Alabama.

  2. Increase awareness that suicide in Alabama has very serious public health and mental health implications that require:

    • Developing and implementing strategies to combat the stigma associated with suicide prevention efforts.

    • Disseminating facts about the prevalence of suicide in Alabama along with risk and protective factors, warning signs, symptoms, and the availability of suicide prevention hotlines.

  3. Seek funding and resources to implement the Alabama Suicide Prevention Plan.

  4. Promote prevention resources for Alabama communities to include the development of strategic partnerships.

  5. Promote and support a network of Alabama support groups for survivors of loss.

Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Resource Directory

Funded in part by the Garrett Lee Smith grant and with the collaboration of our partners, the Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Resource Directory provides beneficial, viable and practical information and tools to help people who are affected my suicide.  From safety planning to risk assessment, from ethical considerations to individual rights, this directory provides information related to evidence-based and best practice resources relevant to suicide-proofing our communities.


For more information on our directory using this link:  CSPRD

Our Programs

QPR Gatekeeper Training

QPR Gatekeeper Training is a public education skills training just like CPR training.  Do you have CPR certification? Do you know someone whose life may have been saved by CPR?  To get your CPR training, you went to a qualified trainer who probably used a video or CD and facilitated practice sessions. This is exactly how QPR Gatekeeper Training is modeled.


May initiatives in the history of our nation and public health have been successful at reducing deaths, saving lives and improving quality of life through widespread public health education campaigns.  Suicide prevention is no different.  We know that suicide intervention cannot be left to the vulnerable person at risk for suicide who may be disoriented, or symptomatic in a psychiatric emergency.  Public education has been a key getting help to at-risk individuals.


While under this grant, ASPARC is equipped to purchase and provide the training to any public or professional groups via online and/or classroom combined training.  Other special interest groups may find more training options at the QPR Institute:  www.qprinstitute.com


ASPARC trainers can schedule an online + in-class practice session, or an in-class session.  To sign up for QPR training directly, please use this link:





You can also find additional information on our QPR Gatekeeper Training page.

The Lay My Burdens Down initiative is a "building-bridges" effort between faith-based communities and suicide prevention allies and the mental health profession.  For centuries, religious, philosophical, and cultural norms have informed the public about how to regard suicide.  Unfortunately, many victims of preventable suicide and their families have been left with extraordinary and complicated bereavement due to stigma, fears and judgment.


Belonging to a faith-based community is said by experts to be one of many Protective Factors, buffering the power of Risk Factors. When explored and utliized with a regard for the science of illness and psychological debilitation, faith-based community leaders and members, working in concert with trained mental health professionals and prevention allies, can provide a powerfully loving and safer climate within which an at-risk person can seek and obtain help.  Persons who fear that they will go to hell, or be condemed by God or community face one more almost insurmountable obstacle from receiving proper medical care for a psychiatric condition.


The "Lay My Burdens Down" project is a reference to a book of the same name by Drs. Alvin Poussaint and Amy Alexander.  The ASPARC Initiative is our hope to bring suicide prevention education and training into faith-based circles to promote a discussion about the protective factors of commuinty belonging and concepts related to healing from pain and suffering that the world religions study.


Please find more information on our faith-based initiative using this link:  Lay My Burdens Down


or send us your Lay My Burdens Down training request directly:

"Lay My Burdens Down"





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If you need help or are having thoughts of suicide, please get help immediately by contacting:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1.800.273.8255