National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Belinda Kock, MEd

Board Member

Belinda Kock, MEd

Belinda is a graduate of The University of Montevallo, earning an M.Ed. in Counseling with an emphasis on Clinical Mental Health. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor with the NBCC. She has also received a Certification of Thanatology from the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Belinda performed most of her internship at UAB Palliative Care and Community Grief Support in Birmingham, AL.

The last 2 years, Belinda has worked as a sexual assault counselor, as a substance abuse counselor, and with families in danger of losing custody of their children, but the passion for grief work only continued to grow as she saw how many of her clients’ issues stemmed from unresolved grief, especially her substance abuse clients. Belinda saw how, when she would use therapies that were goal-oriented and solution-focused, her clients would start to budge in their grief process towards the healing process.

She decided then that she wanted to help people from the start of their grief process, so they would hopefully not get to that stuck place and have better coping skills along their grieving journey.  Belinda will always be a counselor at heart and knows when someone needs more intensive help than coaching can give. She has a list of wonderful grief counseling colleagues that can help. For those that need that extra support during the big firsts, Belinda is here to help.