National Suicide Prevention Hotline

QPR Gatekeeper Training

Question. Persuade. Refer.

QPR stands for “Question, Persuade, and Refer“. It represents a public health-based suicide prevention program to teach people to: ¬†recognize suicidal warning signs in others; persuade them to get help; and refer them to appropriate help resources. QPR Gatekeeper training is very much like a CPR training program in that each year, these trainings contribute to saving thousands of lives. People become trained in a curriculum, practice what they learn, and then receive a certificate.

Ways To Get
QPR Training

Virtual Training (Zoom)

ASPARC presents the QPR training material through a PowerPoint presentation virtually (over Zoom). This option takes about 2 hours for the entire training.

Self-guided Training

The other option is for individual trainees to learn the QPR training material via an online computer training session. We give each trainee a unique passcode for the training that they then complete at their own pace. After successfully completing the training, each trainee will receive a printable certificate as verification.


ASPARC is happy to offer QPR training throughout the state of Alabama, with a concentration in central Alabama. Over the years, ASPARC has driven throughout the state to make sure people know what to do in situations involving suicide.

Train To Be A QPR Gatekeeper