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ALCA Journal - Special Edition on Suicide

*Note - See third section on postvention with youth, adults, and older persons

SPRC: Responding to Suicide in the Workplace

Toolkit for Schools - After a Suicide 2nd Edition- AFSP/SPRC

                                        Formerly, POSTVENTION referred to all 

                                        services and care provided to families and

           friends who lost a loved one to a suicide.  There are at least a

   quarter of a million persons each year (and up to 1.285 million per

year according to some sources) who become "Survivors of Suicide Loss"

each year.  They experience traumatic reactions, complicated mourning,

protracted bereavement, and elevated risk for suicide themselves. They need competent bereavement counseling and trauma-informed counseling with

abundant sensitivity to the amount of stigmatization that is perpetuated

towards them, directly or indirectly. 

          Additionally, POSTVENTION now includes care and services provided to

survivors of a non-fatal suicide attempt.  Over a million persons in the U.S.

each year attempt and survive a suicide attempt, based on data from

emergency departments (we assume the number of attempts is much higher

...those who do not get counted if they do not go to the ER.)  POSTVENTION

is very needed with Attempt Survivors, as they are at elevated risk for

another attempt.  Be sure that your follow up protocols are well-defined

       and implemented.  Have cooperative relationships with your

          community partners, crisis centers, physicians, treatment

                centers, and ERs to create a sturdy safety net of postventive

                    care after an attempt. 

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If you need help or are having thoughts of suicide, please get help immediately by contacting:

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