The NSPLifeline accepts calls from persons who are worried about a friend or loved one.  The counselor there can help you figure out some ideas for helping the person about whom you are concerned. 

Worried About Someone Now?

Click Here for #BeThe1To  You'll find tons of toolkits, videos, resources. Take Action. Be the one to help someone!  

NSPL: Learn to Recognize Warning Signs of Suicide Wallet Card

SAMHSA: SAFE-T Triage and Evaluation of Risk

Ideas for where to find mental health assistance

Suicide and Mental Health Phone Apps

Phone Apps for Parents

I used to think that talking of suicide was attention-seeking and kind of manipulative.  Then my son attempted suicide.  

It was really scary for us, and now I know how serious it can be.  I also learned that there is wonderful help available...

Fortunately, Derek is doing well now.  We will never doubt him again.             

                                                                  ~ Debra

Toolkit for preventing suicide in senior living communities

Suicide Proof Your Home

Psychiatric Intake Response Center

CNN Article How to Help Someone - published after Kate Spade's death - 6-6-18

If your loved one has attempted and survived an attempt - A Journey toward Health and Hope

Article:  Here's What Happens When You Call into a Suicide Prevention Hotline

You're one in a million! 

We take you seriously.  If someone tells you....

CNN Link: The Risk of 'Contagion' after Suicides is Real -  

Call Centers Phone Numbers

Phone Apps for Professionals, Concerned Persons, Self-care

including "Not Okay" app for contacting help

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If you need help or are having thoughts of suicide, please get help immediately by contacting:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1.800.273.8255