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                              Mental Health Counseling Suicide Workshop

                        November 4, 2017  Handouts and Resources


Prevention                          Assessment                                Treatment                             Postvention


CDC:  Self-Directed Violence Uniform Definitions and Recommended Data Elements

Note:  In particular, see pages 21-23. 

The Suicide Paradigm

Core Competencies

Acronym Table (interview assessment of warning signs)

2015 Suicide Data, U.S. and State Listings

Errors that Interventionists Make

Obstacles to Effective Prevention

Times of Transition (step up safety planning and risk management)

At-a-Glance-Suicide Risk Assessment (adapted from the Crisis Center) 

The Cup Analogy (many drops in the cup metaphor for bereavement)

Sample Safety Plan (per Harrington)

Chronic and Acute Risk Factors (per AAS)

Phone Apps for Clinicians, Clients, and Parents

Resource Directory (ASPARC-developed for Jason Flatt Act)




History of Suicide, Religious Influences, and Current Trends 





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If you need help or are having thoughts of suicide, please get help immediately by contacting:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1.800.273.8255